Ticehurst  Dragons

         Hi to all you Dragonboat enthusiasts in the

                              Ticehurst area...

     We are hoping to fill a boat of 20 paddlers, maybe once a month, to train at Docklands with the Typhoon Club. They are happy to train us and help us all to enjoy the sport more. And at minimal cost. So, anyone wishing to come along please e-mail at the address below.

        Typhoon also run new paddler training sessions on    Saturdays at 12.00 too. The first two sessions are free.          

   If you would like to join us and the Typhoon club at the                                                   

                 London Regatta Centre you can

                       paddle all year round!


                                Please e-mail


                              for more details.

  Paddles Up and look forward to hearing from you soon.

                       Thanks for looking us up.


when once a year just isn’t enough !!

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Well done


What a fantastic effort from you all :)